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Automatic Plate Rolling Machine


Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine - NC Controlled

Apart from conventional Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine INFORCE does automation to the Sheet Bending Machine and manufacture Automatic Plate Rolling Machine. The automation can be done as per your application and requirement. This automation can optimize the speed and performance of Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine.

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine is controlled by Programmable Logic Control (PLC). This machine is also known as NC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine.

As per the latest trends in the industry we use Epicyclic Planetary Gearbox in the machine. These planetary drive is directly mounted on top roll. It gives higher torque compared to conventional helical gearbox. We use brake motor instead of normal electric motor. Brake motor helps the machine to stop the machine at any point of bending process.

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine has following 2 versions.

Semi - Automatic Plate Rolling Machine - NC Controlled

CNC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine


Hydraulic Sheet Rolling Machine

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine is provided with electronic digital readouts. These digital readouts mounted in the portable control station. The operator can set value to stop the roll at desired position. The positioning controller automatically stops the roll movement of Plate Roller when the roll reached to it. The system is designed to make repetitive bends. This arrangement enhance productivity, specially for conical rolling components.

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine  (NC Controlled)

This type of Sheet Bending Machine is supplied with NC Controller. The NC Controlled Automatic Plate Rolling machine is an advance version for more precise control. The operator desk is movable. We offer PLC Based controller of reputed manufacturers like Siemens, Delta, Schneider etc. In Automatic Plate Rolling Machine, the operator can set the program the top and bottom positions of bending rolls. These programs are saved in the memory and can be reloaded as and when required. We provide  machine with 100 program memories with color LCD display and keyboard. The operator console has both the options of touch panel as well as keyboard.

NC hydraulic plate rolling machine


Automatic Plate Roll Features : 

  • Digital Readouts to Check the roll position
  • NC Controller automatic stop the roll at the limit set  
  • Bottom rolls are hydraulically driven independently.
  • Color LCD Display of roll positioning
  • Can be operated by touch panel & keyboard
  • 100 Program can be saved and reloaded the recipe.
  • Movable operating desk with user friendly interface 
  • Hydraulic powered bending roll adjustment.
  • Push button Hydraulic powered pinch roll adjustment.
  • Push button Hydraulic swing arm for finished part removal.
  • Push button pendant control of forward/reverse.
  • Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • Main Drive motor is Electric Brake Motor
  • Emergency Stop Switch to stop machine during operation 
  • Heavy duty reinforced welded steel frame.

Automatic Plate Rolling Machine standard Accessories

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • HMI With Color Display
  • Linear Motion Guideways
  • Movable Operating Desk with Touch Pad & Keyboard
  • Solid Rolls of EN 8/9 with material test certificates
  • Epicyclic Planetary Gearbox for extra torque
  • Variable Frequency drive, with control panel (VFD)
  • 2 Electric motors with reputed ISO brand
  • Complete hydraulic system with power pack & cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinder is double acting made from carbon steel seamless pipe.
  • Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • M C B to protect machine against short-circuit and over-loading.
  • Emergency Stop Switch is fitted on control panel to avoid any Accident.

Optional Accessories

  • Hardened and ground alloy steel rolls.
  • Material Feeding Table
  • Side support for bending large diameter shells
  • Hydraulic top support for large diameter shells.
  • Automatic Sheet Feeding System
  • Auto Sheet Alignment System
  • Auto Ejection system for removing bending parts
  • Automatic Lubrication System
Automatic Plate Bending Machine Controller


Plate Rolling Machine Upgrade : 

Plate Rolling Machine Price in India and other countries are much higher for a automatic machine compared to conventional Plate Rolling Machine Price. INFORCE can help you to relieve the burden of your pocket up to great extend. Old Plate Rolling Machine recondition is always a better idea to relive the price burden. 

Do you know that we convert Old Plate Rolling Machine in to Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine or Automatic Sheet Rolling Machine. Instead of stuffing the machine inventory convert Old Plate Rolling Machine to new upgraded version is a viable solution.

Our estimation engineers can give you the best price for Plate Rolling Machine Reconditioning.

Please do not hesitate to write us for guidance and estimation for Reconditioning Old Plate Rolling Machine. Sheet Bending Machine reconditioning can give the same performance as new Sheet Rolling Machine.



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Automatic Plate Bending Machine Controller

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