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C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Type Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press is most commonly used machine in India and other countries. C Frame Hydraulic Press derives its name from the shape of the frame. Advantages of C Type Hydraulic press are an open work area and increased accessibility. The C-frame press features become even more advantageous when multiple presses are used for progressive operations with automated material handling moving parts from press to press. The C-Frame hydraulic presses, however, are generally limited in maximum tonnage due to the design.

Our C-Frame Hydraulic Presses have rigid and sturdy steel welded construction for minimum deflection of the frame. They are compact with an inbuilt hydraulic power pack for multi productivity. They are operated with most advanced Electronic control (PLC). C-Frame press manufactured by us, are easy to install, economical and operate with high speed.

Application of C Frame Hydraulic Press :

C-frame hydraulic presses are being used for wide array of jobs like straightening, punching, molding, bending, drawing, assembling, riveting and other general purposes.

C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press Features

Features of C Frame Hydraulic Press

  • Single Cylinder made up of heavy duty seamless tubes
  • Accurate clearance between RAM and TABLE plate
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief / Controlling Valve for HT material
  • T-Slot on table for fix clamping of Die and Punch
  • Adjustable strokes to reduce traveling time & for more production
  • Indication light (Tower Light) with safety alarm sound
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Compact size machine Standard Accessories Including Machine
  • 2 pair of Foot switch with movable vertical operating console
  • Limit Switch and Pressure Switch assembly for short and heavy job
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief valve and pressure switch
  • Front operating console for easy and fast operation
c type hydraulic press

Other Models Of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

H Frame Hydraulic press manufactured by INFORCE is widely accepted in the industry for various application. The structure is precision fabricated using heavy plates of steel.


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deep drawing hydraulic press

Our Hydraulic Deep Draw Press are highly rigid, compact, space saving four-pillar type in design. Hydraulic deep drawing press are equipped with PLC, L.V.D.T depth control, photo sensor electronic safety guard, auto ejector.


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hydraulic dish end press

Dish End Hydraulic Press is also known as Flanging Machine or Dished Head. It is a heavy duty Hydraulic Forming Press. It is used for making Dish Ends which is also called Dished End.


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