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CNC Plate Bending Machine

NC Plate Rolling Machine

NC Plate Bending Machine working principal

CNC Plate Bending Machine is a kind of fully automatic Plate Rolling Machine. INFORCE Machines are equipped with advanced technological features. The Rolls move up and down hydraulically. Top roll is able to generate opening and closing of swing arm automatically from a control panel. The control panel system is submitted with CNC and NC options. Our NC Plate Bending Machines, minimize the loss of time, and expand productivity with many other optional features.

Our Sheet Bending Machine has extremely strong bodies precisely machined on CNC machines and with welded accurately. Our NC Plate Rolling Machine is supplied with self-aligning roller bearing, it reduces the friction force. 

These technological features made us stand with the high head as a reliable  NC Plate Bending Machine Manufacturers in India, and other countries.

NC Plate Bending Machine
NC Plate Bending Machine controller

CNC Plate Rolling Machine Features

CNC Plate Bending Machine Features : 


  • Digital Readouts to Check the roll position
  • NC Controller automatic stop the roll at the limit set  
  • Bottom rolls are hydraulically driven independently.
  • Color LCD Display of roll positioning
  • Can be operated by touch panel & keyboard
  • Movable operating desk with user friendly interface 
  • Automatic swing arm opening for finished part removal.
  • Self aligning Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • Hydraulic Drive Motor 
  • Emergency Stop Switch to stop machine during operation 
  • Heavy duty reinforced welded steel frame.

CNC Plate Bending Machine standard Accessories

  • NC & CNC Options as control panel
  • HMI With Color Display
  • Linear Motion Guideways
  • Movable Operating Desk with Touch Pad & Keyboard
  • Solid Rolls of EN 8/9 with material test certificates
  • Epicyclic Planetary Gearbox for extra torque
  • Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • M C B to protect machine against short-circuit and over-loading.
  • Emergency Stop Switch is fitted on control panel to avoid any Accident.

NC Plate Rolling Machine Optional Accessories

  • Hardened and ground alloy steel rolls.
  • Material Feeding Table
  • Side support for bending large diameter shells
  • Hydraulic top support for large diameter shells.
  • Automatic Sheet Feeding System
  • Auto Sheet Alignment System
  • Auto Ejection system for removing bending parts
NC Plate Rolling Machine
Plate rolling machine elbow shape
Plate bending machine conical shape

NC Plate Bending Machine Price

NC Plate Rolling Machine Price

There are many advantages of NC Plate Bending Machines. Thanks to the user friendly interface with simple, convenient and precise operation, you can obtain high production efficiency. The main advantage of NC Plate Bending Machine is it requires very less manpower. Only single operator can perform the jobs of large diameters in approx half the time compared to conventional machines.

NC Plate Rolling Machine Price in India and other countries are depending up on the following factors.

The maximum working width of the machine

Maximum plate thickness bending capacity

The level of automation and accessories supplied with the machine.

As a dependable Sheet Bending Machine manufacturers in India, we assure you the most competitive price. We also provide tailor made solutions as per your requirements and to best suit your budget. 


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NC Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

Other Models of Plate Rolling Machine

hydraulic plate bending-3 roller

INFORCE is a top rated Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine manufacturer in India. Our 3 roll hydraulic benders produces the radius by pinching the metal between two rolls. This machine is also known as Roll Bending Machine or Hydraulic Plate Bender.


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plate rolling machine

INFORCE ENGINEERING is a known Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine manufacturer in India. We have manufacturing base in Ahmedabad and sales office in Pune, Jalgaon, in Maharashtra. Our 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine is an ideal solution for conical bending.


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Mechanical Plate Bending Machine

INFORCE Mechanical Plate Bending Machine is one of the most cost effective solutions for a small fabrication workshop. It is a 3 Roll Pyramid type Plate Bending Machine with planetary gearbox.


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