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Hydraulic Brake Press Machine

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Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake is designed and developed through years of experience in Sheet Metal Working Machinery. Our Hydraulic Press Brakes are developed as per the latest trends in the industry. Hydraulic cylinders are mounted at back side of Press Brake and are synchronizes for parallelism between ram and table.  The Heavy duty steel construction frame is designed to absorb heavy shocks of overload. All welding edges are properly machined for weld joint. The electric control panel is fixed on side wall at convenient place for easy reach of operator. It includes push button pendant and foot switch. All hydraulic components are of reputed companies like Dowty, Yuken, Polyhydron etc.


Our Hydraulic Press Brake has following versions available

Hydraulic Press Brake - Conventional Model

NC Hydraulic Press Brake

hydraulic press brake machine

Features :  Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

  • The Stable robust welded steel frame made of IS 2062 plates.
  • Fast approach & fast return speed to save cycle time.
  • Slow pressing speed for better stroke control & bending accuracy.
  • Compact Cylinders & low pressure system due to rear cylinders.
  • Better rigidity & load carrying capacity against fatigue failure.
  • Positive synchronization of cylinders with welded torque tube.
  • Moving work station with Emergency Stop Switch
  • Selector of Manual, Semi-Auto & Automatic mode for easy operation.
  • Better Safety for operator & machine.
  • Low power consumption.
  • NC up gradation available as an option.
  • Low Noise & Smooth Operation give higher efficiency of operator.

Standard Accessories : Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electrical control panel with multiple selection options
  • ‘AUTO’, ‘INCH’ & ‘SINGLE CYCLE AUTO’ mode operations.
  • Movable work station with pair of foot switch.
  • Pair of lifting links.
  • Pair of sheet support.
  • Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch.
  • Manual back gauge with micro setting.
  • One suitable five way die & Punch of standard EN-9
  • Centralized lubrication system with flow control valves.
  • Ram tilting arrangement on selected models.
  • Set of Operation & Maintenance Manual 

Optional Accessories : Hydraulic Press Brake

  • AC servo drives for R-axis & Z-axis control of back gauging.
  • Anti deflection unit (Manual / Motorized / Automatic)
  • Sliding sheet support with Swing away stoppers.
  • Hardened tools & special tools.**
  • Hydraulic tool clamping.
  • Photo electric fingers safety guard.
  • Higher throat depth.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Fast cycling models for high productivity.
  • First fill of hydraulic oil.
NC hydraulic press brake machine


Hydraulic Press Brake Repairing : 

Hydraulic Press Brake Price in India and other countries are much higher for a automatic machine compared to conventional Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Price. INFORCE can help you to relieve the burden of your pocket up to great extend. Old Hydraulic Press Brake Machine recondition is always a better idea to relive the price burden. 

Do you know that we convert Old Hydraulic Press Brake Machine in to NC Hydraulic Press Brake...??? Instead of stuffing the machine inventory up grade old Sheet Bending Press Brake Machine to new upgraded NC Brake Press version is a viable solution.

Our estimation engineers can give you the best price for Press Brake Machine Reconditioning.

Please do not hesitate to write us for guidance and estimation for Reconditioning Old Brake Press Machine. Sheet Bending Machine reconditioning can give the same performance as new Hydraulic Press Brake.



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NC hydraulic brake press

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