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NC Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic NC Press Brake

NC Hydraulic Brake Press Machine

NC Hydraulic Press Brake is an electro-hydraulic synchronized double-cylinder NC Sheet Bending Machine. The bending principle is similar to the angle forming principle of common Brake Press. It can bend different work pieces according to different angles of molds. The NC system controls the electro-hydraulic ratio direction valve. NC ress brake can realize bending depth full closed-loop digital control through the grating feedback. NC hydraulic press brakes can simply be summed up as a sheet bending machine that controls positioning system, block bending depth and automatic compensation for workbench deformation through NC system.

NC Hydraulic Press Brakes are designed and developed through years of experience in Sheet Metal Working Machinery. Our NC Press Brakes are developed as per the latest trends in the industry. Hydraulic NC Press Brakes are fitted with 2 Axes NC controller i.e., provided with NC stroke & NC back guage which offers better economy ever for multiple bend jobs. Setting for regular jobs can be stored in memory to save time. Allows air bending of different angles by memorizing stroke positions. Request a quote to get the best NC Hydraulic Press Brake Price


CNC hydraulic press brake machine

NC Press Brake Features

Features :  Hydraulic NC Press Brake Machine

  • Facility to program the variegated jobs includes complex bending sequence.
  • This perform complicated bending job in a signal setting.
  • Dedicated controller with LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad.
  • Bend angle & Depth Mode program.
  • 128 Programs x 16 bends per program can be stored.
  • Stroke control and stroke counter on screen.
  • Highly Precise press brake scale for accurate Y- axis positioning.
  • AC Servo drive for back gauge positioning.
  • Hardened ground Balls screw and linear motion bearing for better position accuracy and longer life.
  • Ram tilting to maintain banding accuracy over period.

Standard Accessories : Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Selection of ‘AUTO’ & ‘MANUAL’ mode through screen.
  • Two axis controller with LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad.
  • 128 jobs X 16 bends program memory.
  • Movable work station with pair of foot switch.
  • AC Servo motor with resolver for back gauge drive.
  • Hardened & Grounded Ball screw.
  • Linear motion bearing on guide rods.
  • Highly precise glass tube optical linear scale for accurate Y-axis position.
  • Pair of lifting links.
  • Pair of sheet support.
  • One standard suitable five way die & Punch of EN-9*
  • Centralized lubrication system with flow control valves for lubrication.
  • Ram tilting arrangement on selected models.

Optional Accessories : NC Press Brake

  • AC servo drives for R-axis & Z-axis control of back gauging.
  • Anti deflection unit (Manual / Motorized / Automatic)
  • Sliding sheet support with Swing away stoppers.
  • Hardened tools & special tools.**
  • Hydraulic tool clamping.
  • Photo electric fingers safety guard.
  • Higher throat depth.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Fast cycling models for high productivity.
  • First fill of hydraulic oil.
nc hydraulic press brake


Press Brake Repairing : 

NC Hydraulic Press Brake Price are higher than conventional Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Price. We do up grade your Old Hydraulic Press Brake Machine and convert it to NC Press Brake at a little cost by doing NC value addition to your old sheet bending machine.

Why not to convert Old Hydraulic Press Brake Machine in to NC Hydraulic Press Brake...??? Instead of spending big money in buying new machine you can think to upgrade old machine to NC Brake Press version will save your cost on a new machine.

Our estimation engineers can give you the best price for Press Brake Machine Reconditioning.

Please do not hesitate to write us for guidance and estimation for Reconditioning Old Brake Press Machine.  Reconditioned Sheet Bending Machine can give as good result as new Hydraulic Press Brake.



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reconditioning of old press brake machine

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