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Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press for Various Application

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press is one of the most common machine used in sheet metal workshop. INFORCE is a leading Hydraulic Press Manufacturers in India. Hydraulic Press is fabricated from heavy duty steel thick MS plates structure. The cylinder is used is double acting type cylinder. The power pack unit is fabricated from steel plates. Power pack consists of hydraulic pump and valves.

The hydraulic cylinders are made from heavy seamless pipes and the piston is hard chrome plated ST 52 material.

The control panel unit is mounted on hydraulic press frame unit and the operating mechanism is provided in different styles, like foot pedal switch or operating desk with keyboard or a push button remote type. The operating desk is movable with user friendly easy operations.

Hydraulic Press manufacturers in India and other countries make industry specific or application oriented hydraulic presses keeping customer's requirements in mind. 

Application of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press Machine is used for various applications like, bending the metal, punching the metal, deep drawing the components. So as per the application of the machine there are following types of hydraulic press are used.

Hydraulic Bending Press (For Bending Application)

Hydraulic Punching Press (For Punching Operation)

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press (For deep drawing of the components)

Hot Hydraulic  Press (For Making Plywood in wood industry)

Also there are some other versions available like, Single Cylinder Hydraulic Press, Double Cylinder Hydraulic Press, and 4 or 6 cylinder hydraulic press to apply the required pressure on the components.

Types Of Hydraulic Press

INFORCE is a dependable Hydraulic Press Manufacturers with following range of machines manufacturing capabilities.

C Frame Hydraulic Press (C Type Hydraulic Press)

H Frame Hydraulic Press (H Type Hydraulic Press)

Deep Drawing Press (Deep Draw Hydraulic Press)

Dish End Hydraulic Press (Dish End Press)

Hydraulic Press
C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press

C Type Hydraulic Press

C Frame Hydraulic Press derives its name from the shape of the frame. The primary advantages to the C Type Hydraulic press are an open work area and increased accessibility. The C-frame press features become even more advantageous when multiple presses are used for progressive operations with automated material handling moving parts from press to press. The C-Frame hydraulic presses, however, are generally limited in maximum tonnage due to the design.

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c frame hydraulic press

H Type Hydraulic Press

H Frame Hydraulic Press

H Frame Hydraulic press manufactured by INFORCE is widely accepted in the industry for various application. The structure is precision fabricated using heavy plates of steel. The power pack of H Type Hydraulic Press are installed either on top or sides of structure as per customer’s given preferences.


...Check full specification & details of H Frame Hydraulic Press

H Frame Hydraulic Press

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

Deep Draw Hydraulic Press

Our Hydraulic Deep Draw Press are highly rigid, compact, space saving four-pillar type in design. Hydraulic deep drawing press are equipped with PLC, L.V.D.T depth control, photo sensor electronic safety guard, auto ejector. They are specially designed for uniform pressure on blank holder to avoid wrinkles during the process. Hydraulic deep draw press is suitable for manufacturing stainless steel utensils and other automobile draw components with high degree of finish, productivity and speed.

Details and specifications of Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press


deep draw hydraulic press

Dish End Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Dish End Press

Dish End Hydraulic Press is also known as Flanging Machine or Dished Head. It is a heavy duty Hydraulic Forming Press. It is used for making Dish Ends which is also called Dished End. We also offers cheaper solutions to manufacture dished heads and tanks. In these Hydraulic Press for dished heads the frame is connected to the upper beam with keys machined on the structure or just welded to the structure in single monolithic pieces.

Details and specifications of Hydraulic Dish End Press

hydraulic dish end press