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Metal Sheet Bending Machine

Sheet Metal Forming Machines

Sheet Bending Machine is a metal forming machine by which metals can be deformed or bent to the desired shapes. By sheet bending machine force is applied on a metal part causing it to deform in a particular direction. Here the surface area of the metal part does not change but the inside part shrinks and compresses while the outside part stretches and becomes more tense. This happens because the yield and tensile strengths of the metal get disturbed when the force is applied to it. In metal bending operation metal gets deformed only along one axis but when combined with sequence of different operations, it is possible to cast even the complex shapes with sheet metal bending process.

Metals are really hard and bending them is not so easy. To bend metals it is required that they are stressed beyond their yield strength and below their ultimate tensile strength and for this machines are required, the sheet metal bending machines.

With sheet metal bending machines it is possible to shear and bend different kinds of sheet metals like aluminum, brass, copper, steel, tin, nickel and titanium. The sheet bending machine of the modern day are highly sophisticated models of sheet metal bending machine with which metals can be bent or straightened easily and quickly to give a desired shape with the use of bending beam or die sets available in them. Different kinds of sheet bending machines are used to perform various metal shaping and bending applications in industries.  Some of the popular models of sheet metal bending machines available with us include

  • Pyramid Type Bending Roller
  • Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine
  • Manual Sheet Bending Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Sheet Bending Machine - Hydraulic Press Brake

Metal Sheet Bending Machine - Hydraulic Brake Press

Hydraulic press brake is robust sheet bending machine used for precise sheet metal bending and plate bending applications in various industries. It operates by means of synchronized hydraulic cylinders and is a safer metal bending machine because the motion of the ram can be easily stopped at any time in response to a safety device in this hydraulic press brake machine that is not possible in the flywheel-driven presses. Moreover hydraulic press brake is also preferred because of its accurate bending mechanism which it provides at very less energy consumption. The hydraulic press brake machine available with us is most advanced machine engineered with superior technology and international standard features like main drive standard make motor, automated electronic control panel with three speeds inch, manual back gauge with micro- adjustment swing stoppers, 5 way die and blade, manual centralized lubrication system with hand pump and tonnage indicating- adjusting device. This is a long lasting and highly reliable machine available in wide range of specifications and capacities to provide customized and most accurate metal bending mechanism.


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hydraulic sheet bending machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shear

The hydraulic shearing machines are widely used for cutting sheet metal to size out of a larger stock. These are tough and long lasting shearing machines designed with most desired features for higher safety, low maintenance and optimum productivity which include moving beam synchronized by differential cylinders, hardened rollers guide beam for constant blade gap that is easily adjustable by calibrated levers, adjustable rank angle to suit different materials of various thicknesses, adjustable stroke length and illuminated cutting area for clear end view for precise cutting. Available in wide assortment of specifications these are most reliable metal shearing machines available in for various shearing lengths and shearing thickness capacities.


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3 roller hydraulic plate bending machine

Pipe Bending Machine

Section - Pipe Bending Machine

This is fully hydraulic pipe bending machine. This pipe bending machine is widely used in the sheet metal bending industry for the years.

This Sheet Rolling  Machine consist of 4 solid shafts. Top roll is static and the force is applied by  side rolls. The bottom roll is used for crimping purpose, It holds the plate and avoid slippage during the rolling process.

This is most suitable machine for making conical shape. Conical shape is precisely done in 4 Roll Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine

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hydraulic pipe bending machine

Manual Sheet Bending Machine

Metal Sheet Bending Machine

This type of Sheet Bending Machine is an industry class sheet curving device offered with exclusive features for sheet metal turning, cutting, shearing and punching as per international quality standards. We offer hand operated metal sheet turning device in various models for different curving applications.


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manual sheet bending machine

Sheet Bending Machine Repairing

Hydraulic Sheet Bending Machine Reconditioning

We are specialize in reconditioning and repairing of all Indian and imported Sheet Bending Machine.

Our technical team is capable to repair all kinds of hydraulic sheet rolling machines.

Sheet Bending machine refurbishment, up gradation of old sheet rolling machine and convert it to hydraulic is one of our key domain. We do maintenance of old sheet bending machine Indian or imported. Please do not hesitate to contact us for 

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plate bending machine repair