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NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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NC Shearing Machine

Hydraulic NC Shearing Machine, that are manufactured using best and latest of the technology of Cybelec Dedicated NC Shearing Machine Controller for an Automation of the machine with NC Features with efforts targeted to bring the best of the product at the end. Despite their robust structure, Shearing Quality, & Productivity through NC Features these machines are widely acclaimed for their low maintenance cost, simple operations, durability and hassle-free performance.

Variable Rake Angle Hydraulic NC Shearing machines are supplied with easy to use axis NC Controlled heavy duty back guage (Range 760 MM) with PLC based controller on years of manufacturing experience. The emphasis is on speed, accuracy and repeatability.

The general characteristics of the controller are Programming of axis position (mm), position correction, step repetition – 16 steps, each step can be repeated 99 times, Alphs – numeric LCD 2*16 display, protection against miscounting.

  • Synchronization of cylinders by differential area principle eliminates complicated hydraulic circuits and imported servo valves.
  • The ram is guided by three point roller guides with replaceable hardened liners.
  • Variable rake angle adjustment by selector switch
  • Rapid blade gap adjustment by levers calibrated in thickness.
  • Table provided with hardnend transfer bars and front sheet supports for easy feeding of plates
  • Shadow light indicator, Front gauging by disappearing stoppers mounted on left squaring arm and motorized back gauge are provided.
  • Positive holding by hydraulic hold downs before shearing avoids slippage of sheets.
  • Hydraulic cylinder with imported sealing elements duly honed tubes and hard chrome plates rods offer very long service life.
  • NC Back Gauge

Our NC Hydraulic Sharing Machine price is extremely competitive as the same quality machines for the other competitors.


NC Shearing Machine

Features :  Hydraulic NC Shearing Machine

  • Variable Rake Angle Design Machines.
  • Better cutting accuracy in thin sheets at lower rake angle.
  • Higher cutting capacity at maximum rake angle.
  • Low noise & smooth operation gives higher efficiency of operator.
  • Automatic Rake angle adjustment.
  • Pre-calibrated easy blade gap adjustment.
  • Multi-steps automatic back gauge program.
  • AC Servo Drive & Timer belt for Back Gauge Movement.
  • Hardened & ground ball screw with linear motion bearings.
  • Stroke counting on screen.
  • Fast production on smaller jobs.
  • Front sheet support.
  • Squaring arm with steel rule for front gauging.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.
  • Four edge HCHCr Blade suitable to MS & SS.

Standard Accessories : NC Hydraulic Shears

  • HMI with 2 Line 16 character LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad
  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Hardened Ground Ball screw & Linear motion bearings.
  • Two-speed AC motor for back gauge drive.
  • Rake angle selection through selector switch.
  • Lever operated Blade clearance with calibration.
  • Stroke adjustment through screen.
  • Front sheet support.
  • Squaring arm with steel rule.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.
  • Four edge HCHCr Blade suitable to MS 8> SS.

Optional Accessories : NC Shears

  • Second squaring arm on other side
  • Front support with roller according to required length
  • Rear Sheet support
  • Timer belt drive for back gauge
  • Degree protector for angular cutting
  • Design with throat depth
  • Photo electric fingers safety guard.
  • Higher throat depth.
  • Fast cycling models for high productivity.
  • First fill of hydraulic oil.
NC hydraulic shearing machine


NC Shears Price : 

NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine price up against the conventional Hydraulic Shear price, because of the CNC value addition and other mechanical retrofitting for NC Shears. INFORCE offers you the most cost effective NC Shearing Machines compared to other competitors machine with the same size and models. 


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